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5 Simple Tips To Be A Great Host

Hosting a fabulous party is easier than you think.

Hosting a memorable dinner party isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Check out 5 easy tips for being a great host, and you’ll be able to whip up an enjoyable and stress-free party that your guests will be talking about for weeks afterwards.

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Plan ahead

The key to having your dinner parties run smoothly with as few hiccups as possible is planning ahead. Before you even start deciding on the menu, find out if any of your guests have dietary restrictions and plan accordingly, making sure you’ll have dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegetarian substitutions available, depending on their needs. At the same time, inquire whether anyone is allergic to any pets you may have, so you can plan to keep your dog or cat in a separate room. When it comes to planning the menu, remember that there is elegance in simplicity. A complex dish that requires lots of effort and concentration will not only keep you apart from your guests, but may elevate your stress level. Also, cook something that you already know is a crowd-pleaser; this is not the time for experimentation. Try to include appetizers or a dessert that can be easily prepared ahead of time or assembled on the spot. You’ll be grateful for the extra time and energy this will free up.

Create a comfortable and relaxing vibe

Part of hosting a successful party is creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites your guests to relax and get comfortable. Start with a well-cleaned house and add attractive details, like candles, flowers, and soft lighting, to add a sense of occasion. A good music playlist running in the background is another effective way to promote a relaxing ambiance and to fill any awkward gaps in conversation. And no matter what, stay calm and collected—as host, the vibe you give off sets the tone for the overall feel of the party. Be warm and informal to signal the chill mood and to reassure your guests that their enjoyment is not an imposition.

Pamper your guests

What your guests will probably remember most about your party (other than the delicious food) is how pampered you made them feel. From the moment they walk through your door, greet your guests individually and relieve them of their coats and belongings. Lead them to a comfy area where munchies are already set up and offer them a drink. Take the time to introduce newly-arrived guests to those they don’t know, and remember to help shyer people integrate into the group by bringing up things they may have in common as a conversation starter. Throughout the evening, keep food and drinks topped up and check in with each guest periodically to chat and see if they need anything. Finally, don’t forget to thank each guest personally when it’s time for them to leave.

Prepare more food than you think you need

Plan to have an over-abundance of food and drinks. It’s better to have too much than to run out partway through the evening. A good rule of thumb is to prepare enough food for the number of confirmed guests plus 2 extra. Be sure to have some appetizers to go with pre-dinner cocktails and liquor. Finger foods are great for keeping hands occupied and offsetting the effects of alcohol on an empty stomach. Keep the side dishes simple, and make the main course the star of the show. And don’t forget to end a meal with a delicious dessert. If there are too many leftovers, pack some up to send it home with your guests–it’s a generous gesture they will appreciate the following day.

Make time after dinner to relax

Once the feasting is done, rather than hurrying your guests out the door, prolong the relaxing vibe by moving to an area with cozy seating for an after-dinner coffee and pleasant conversation. You can do some minimal tidying at this point, but leave the dishes and major clean-up for after your visitors are gone. Unwind with your guests and enjoy the feeling of having hosted a fun and enjoyable soiree that they will remember for some time to come.

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