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How To Get Your Home And Yard Ready In The Fall

8 chores to get your home and yard fall ready

Have you noticed the cooler temperatures these days? It’s a sure sign that fall is here and that you need to get busy in preparation for the colder weather ahead. Fall is the perfect time to conduct a few maintenance chores, so keep reading to find out which ones you need to do now to get your home and yard ready for fall.

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Clean Out The Gutters

Grab yourself an old spatula, cut it to fit easily in the gutter, and clear out all the debris. Use a garden hose to rinse away any sludge that remains.

Fertilize And Water In The Fall

If you fertilize your lawn in the fall, you’ll want to hold off putting the garden hose away until the ground starts to freeze. Watering your lawn in the fall helps it prepare for the winter ahead and encourages the fertilizer to reach as far as possible into the soil.

Test Smoke And CO Detectors

With colder weather just around the corner, it’s important you know that your smoke and CO detectors are working. Test them all and replace as necessary. If you haven’t changed the batteries in a while, do that, too.

Bleed Radiators

If your home uses radiators for heat, fall is the perfect time to make sure they are working properly. Bleed all the radiators in your home to ensure the hot water moves through them completely so they heat evenly.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn helps water and nutrients seep into the soil easier. Fall is the best time to aerate, although it’s good to aerate a couple more times if you can. Rent an aerator that removes plugs of soil rather than one that simply pokes holes for better results.

Rake And Cut The Grass

Rake up dead leaves to prevent them from smothering the new grass in spring. Next, set your mower to short and cut your lawn one last time. The shorter grass will accomplish two things: it helps prevent snow mold, and long blades of grass won’t smother the new grass in spring.

Drain Garden Hoses

To save money, take the time to drain garden hoses properly by using an air compressor or stretching them out on a downward slope. When emptied this way, there’s less chance a garden hose will split in freezing weather and you won’t have to replace it in the spring.

Get Ready For Snow

Before the first snowflake falls, get your property ready. Take a walk around and remove any rocks, hoses, dog tie-outs, etc. that might be in the way as you snowblow or plow. Mark any landscaping or other permanent fixture with tall stakes so you know where you can and can’t move the snow. If the ground is already frozen, use your drill to make holes to post the stakes.

Now that summer is over, and fall has made itself known, it’s the perfect time to tend to the chores listed above to prepare your home and yard for the season ahead.

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